Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fa La La [Christmas Wonderland]

I have taught myself everything I know about photography, every shoot was
a lesson of sorts. I have never claimed to be professional in what I do in any
way, and I still learn each and every day with each photo shoot I do [I still shoot
in AUTO ffs! lol].

This shoot is a testament to that. I have never done a shoot with so many 
background props and I did not feel confident that it would turn out good, but
I proved myself wrong. And that's how I learn; I try to prove myself wrong. 

Here is the much promised 'Fa La La [Christmas Wonderland]', the Christmas
themed photoshoot. There were a lot more I wanted to added to the props, but I felt
I'd never do it if I didn't just do it with the props I had. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Beach [Summer Part II]

It was a toss up between doing a follow up shoot for Summer, and 
doing a themed Christmas shoot. I went for the former because I wanted
to prepare myself properly for a Christmas shoot and not just do a half-assed
shoot of it just for the sake of coming up with a theme. That being said, I am
preparing for a proper shoot soon ;D

In the mean time, enjoy the second installment of the Summer shoot, entitled
'Beach'. Not so much for the sand and the sea but the aquatic feelings it evokes. 
You will also be able to see the transformation I am currently in when you compare
the two shoots, 'Summer' & 'Beach'. I shed so much unnecessary (and unhealthy) 
weight I have been carrying around for so long, and you certainly see this in this shoot. 

Without further ado, here is Beach ;D

The only downside I have to shedding all this weight, is having to acquire
a whole new wardrobe full of clothes that won't sit like shopping bags on me ;D

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I have worked so hard on becoming myself physically, 
and the last few months I really gotten results and I was exceptionally
proud of myself for persevering in my goal of losing weight, 
eating more healthy and being more comfortable in my body. 

Although this is not the first shoot that represents this amazing
journey, this is however the first shoot to dedicate and put light on the
subject. I have consciously stopped using a body-cincher for my shoots as well.
I have always prided myself in being a big bodied man, having been
bullied all my life not just for who I love, but what I look like. 

I have finally reached a point where I can look at myself, and say, 'good work