Friday, July 24, 2015

Step It Up

I woke up the day feeling exceptionally sexy and excited to 
start the day. Got dressed up for class and everything.
When I got home I decided I could never let the opportunity
slip away and prepared for a shoot.

The make up and nails is partially because I needed to 'test drive' a look
I was going to do for the end of year fashion showcase, and although 
the makeup isnt exactly as dark as I want it for the showcase, 
the idea behind it is all the same. 

The only thing that represents the showcase in these photos are the shoes
and the rest of the look was all just part of how I felt that day. I will do a 
shoot with my end of year garment when that is finished, as well as our 
recycled project, which is coming up soon. Keep a look out of that as well ;D

So here is 'Step It Up':