Thursday, January 3, 2013


As all things celebrated best in 3, I decided to do a trilogy of shoots for the
weekend of my birthday, with Twenty Five being the first instalment. I now
present to you the second installment taken on the 29th of December, named '3'.

This shoot is also the second shoot inspired by a photo a dear 
friend recommended I take inspiration from, therefor the name 3 takes
on a personal aspect as well.

Ringing out 2012, welcoming 2013!

As 2012 closed out on us, I decided to do a little twitter
massacre of the best of 2012 for me, counting down 50 
events and photos taken that made 2012 amazing for me.
Here's a sneak peak of that little countdown:

Number 1: The birth of our gorgeous niece, Amora-Leigh

Number 10: The birth of Chianti Capri, alter ego of one of my besties, Riaan. 
As they say, you're born naked, the rest is drag!

Number 14: Playing with flour. I re imagined a previous shoot and thought, I can
do this better this time around. I nailed it!

Number 17: Started playing with double imagery. The possibilities were
endless. And some were quite comedic too!

Number 22: The photo warms my heart. As much as I wanted
to realise this photoshoot with a partner, it was not to be. But I realised
it nonetheless and it came out amazing. 

Number 26: A liberating shoot, Dorian Kyle was realised, my ass-kicking, 
name-taking, fabulous alter ego. I had fun with her, and often he
tries to get out. 

 Number 4: My soul sisters, Antonia (L) and Katy(R). 
These girls got my back and I got theirs. We are 'The Divas' ;D

Number 42: Particularly adore this photo shoot. It's one of
those shoots where the intention and outcome are complete opposite
things. The ensemble around my neck was initially meant to be
a facial mask, but proved to be quite disastrous.  Flip of a switch 
and it turned out the be the best floral accessory for a shoot ;D

Number 43: The inspiration for this shoot was taken from Lady Gaga's 
perfume advert. This shoot proved to be quite tricky, and all the more
reason to love the outcome of it. 

 Number 47: Another shoot that has intention & outcome all mixed up.
That is infact a bow tie. ;D

Number 5: This shoot was proved quite a personal feat for me.
Having lost weight through diet and exercise, with this shoot
I finally felt comfortable baring myself. Liberating and freeing.

Number 50: Inspired heavily by Florence + The Machine ever
since they released their sophmore album Ceremonials, this shoot was 
inspired by their song 'Breaking Down'. Most of my shoots 
there after followed in the theme of dark, mysterious and mischievousness. 

Number 7: My best friend Marc, (R) and his friend Tanya. Amazing
time well spent in February. Can't wait to do it alllll again ;D

Twenty Five

Something that I have always made sure celebrating is 
my birthday. Twenty Five marks 25 years of existence. 
25 years of passion, creativity and growth. 
25 years of expression, understanding, and breaking boundaries.

I present to you, Twenty Five:
An eclectic visual of who I am. I am free, I am fun.
I love to laugh. I am Twenty Five.

Work in Progress, realised: Fancy Pants

This is the realisation of 'work in progress'.
I present you Fancy Pants