Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perfumary: Progress

These are the Instagram versions of my collection up until
the injury to my Galaxy. You will also note the 'David Beckham
Instinct Sport' is a bit faded & the image isn't very sharp, 
and that is the effect the camera
gave after the injury occured...

Perfumes... (a note of sorts)

With the start of February I came up with the idea
of show-casing my love and appreciation for
perfumery, and put my collection of perfume
bottles out there, bottle by bottle. 

It worked out for the most part, but soon into the month
of Feb, my Samsung Galaxy's camera I have been using for 
Instagram and such, got injured, and I had to give up on the
idea, sort of.

I then decided it was too good of an idea to give up, and
I have decided to try photographing my bottles instead,but with
out the filters provided by Instagram ofcourse. All of the progress
from Instagram to Nikon snaps will follow shortly...

Dorian Kyle is back: Fantasy

Is it real, or fantasy. With Dorian Kyle, the line between
reality & fantasy is not only blurred, but ultimately invisible.
When Dorian Kyle comes out to play, anything is possible...

Garden Wanderland

On a seperate occasion, I got to snap these lovelies
while walking through the garden. I have come
to realise I have not done nature photography in
ages, and looking at these, I wonder ' WHY?' 

Here is Garden Wanderland:

Butterfly, Fly: The Reprise

And then I found this beauty fluttering
from flower beds to trees with little effort.
It seemed to have sensed my presence, and 
gave me enough shots to go on ;D

Butterfly, butterfly, fly away

Walked around the garden again in what seems like a
very long time, and I found this beauty playing on 
one of the trees.

Colour Coded

It's all striped, colour coded and full of fun! giggles

Leather & Suede

I always rely on my uncle's faux leather jacket
when all else seems to fail. Sometimes I am so
excited to get photoshooting, and then realising
I have absolutely no theme to go on. Then I pull
out the trusty jacket:

Monday, February 4, 2013


Memoirs Of A Gay-sha

I am proud to present, Memoirs Of A Gay-sha:

Big Love & Respect: Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon

These fierce queens teamed up and made the dance
anthem 'The Chop' and I is IN LOVE! Latrice is
bodacious and larger than life, gorgeous and voluptuous.
Manila is smoking, sexy, sleek and her voice gets me all 

Here is The Chop:

Memoirs of a... (Work In Progress)

This is a sneak into my Oriental shoot I did named 
Memoirs Of A Gay-sha. 
The first item was a Chinese umbrella which I found at
work, packed away at the back of the decorations store room.
This made me thought of the Chinese ensembles my aunt
had in storage and decided to do a shoot, honouring not only
my roots (I have Chinese blood, from my father's mother), but
also to honour my above-mentioned grandmother. 

Watch this space for Memoirs Of A Gay-sha

The Amazing, The Talented, Miss Sharon Needles

This is one talented, kick ass bitch which I adore
for her tenacity, her unique strike in this world, 
her creative and ghoulish imagination and distinct 
style. I have mad respect for what she stands for, 
and I take personal inspiration for that, both as in
individual, and as an artist. 

This is her music video for "This Club Is A Haunted House"
and I had so many different emotional reactions to this, some
physical too ;D

The intro also includes the Amazing matriarch of Queens, 
RuPaul, and takes a spin on her own song "Supermodel (You Better Work)".

Sharon also released her debut full length album the same day as the music video, 
titled "PG-13


The Essence

of who you are is all up to you really ;D

I present ' The Essence':