Monday, February 27, 2012


Getting more confident with shooting with eyelashes. Confident and more daring ;D

New Heights

I suppose I don't actually call my photo shoots "new heights", because
it doesn't explain the direction for me. But I have posted many shoots where
I've experimented with something new. This shoot is one of these experiments. 
Eyelashes. I finally got eyelash glue and I got my besty to show me how to apply
them on for them to look natural. And I got pasting. hehe. He gave me these 
beautiful blue feathery eyelashes: ones I believe will become a staple in many photo shoots to come.

This shoot was called Perform This Way...

Monday, February 20, 2012


Anna. Banana. My aunt's dog. love her to bits. Fluffy and full of fun.

Pink power :D

Don't you just love pink flowers? so cheerful, bright and blossom-y. haha

Some experimental Frankenstein

Went a bit on the freaky side with this one. I actually looked like Frankenstein.
Or even Hannibal?


Was in the process of making a t shirt with a screaming banana
on it. I call it Suck On My Richard. 

Another set of beautiful lilies ;D

So far, I think I've taken enough photos of lilies, and enough of
them posted to open up a whole tag for them exclusively. I enjoy
them. They bring me joy, they're versatile and unique. Here's
pink spotted ones I bought for my aunt in Cape Town.

scattered seeds of love

When I visit family/friends I always walk around in their gardens. Found 
these in my aunt's garden, and they 'spoke to me' lol. It is so beautiful in both
it's intricacy and it's simplistic form. Love it


I have always felt enamored by these flowers. They seem to
smile at you, and I often find myself smiling back at them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Been a while...

Darlings! :D Been away for holiday since the 23rd of January, and I came back this morning. 
I have a ton of new photos I will upload, mostly of flowers and the beach, amazing finds, 
including a crab and something with claws lol. 

So new posts will go up shortly, and tons of new photoshoot are planned as well. So watch
this space (it's gonna be working overtime hehe)