Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Monday/VogelstraussKluft 2011 part 2: nature

Nature part of our Easter Monday trip. Cos whats a trip without some nature shots? giggles

Easter Monday/VogelstraussKluft 2011 part 1

I was really sad that I could not attend my cousin's wedding in GraaffReniet because I couldn't 
get away from work. But I atleast got to get away from work for a day to spend with the family

and it was amazing. loved it so much. had the time of my life :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blunt Cards, i love them!

important nothings

bitter sweet and strange. Called a coral creeper. beauty in its simplest form


tale as old as time, giggles

Citrusy Green Bursts

The sun was shining so beautifully, and it shone on the palm tree outside my room. Perfect opppp! hahaha

i just killed my boyfriend...

I recently got interested in making my own t shirt designs. I started off
with a navy blue Mickey Mouse print i painted on myself. Soon I got confident
and made another Mickey one, but with pink and green. That came out better
then i expected. Soon, went on designing a 3rd tshirt, this time, Lady Gaga. Came out great
but i spoiled it with paint on the top part of the shirt. 4th t shirt i finished the other night, a
simple black tshirt with my facebook name, Gianfranco Dorian Kyle Mostert. That will be
posted later. For now, here's the pink Mickey Mouse. ;D

newest addition: Bokkie

Now this is Bokkie. She goes by many names. Gokkie, Damara Dik Dik, and Springbok,
which is where Bokkie came from. The honey is so sweet, so so mischievous and naughty too.

stone cold coffee bubbles

rocked on hard with my fingerless leather gloves, had a smashing time
doing this photoshoot, it brought out a different me? haha

rain rain rain giggles

went on a little trip to Windhoek, and had a ball taking photos
along the way