Saturday, December 15, 2012

work in progress

I am currently working on a head piece that I had in
mind for a while, first it had Indian head gear as inspiration, 
and then I found this photo and bam! I knew this what the piece
I wanted to interpret. 

Maxwell Oscar

This is my cousin's son, Maxwell. beautiful kid, always beams 
sunshine and laughter. Adorable

Morticio's Game

I played with the idea of buying another wig for my photoshoots. 
When I bought this wig, the first thought was how similiar
the wig looks to the hairstyle Rihanna sported in Diamonds
music video. 

As part of the Dorian Kyle Collection, I give you Morticio's Game...

Judas & His Cross

Took the stars from my previous shoot We're All Born Superstars and
turn it on fabric instead, creating a cross. A hopeful cross. Therefor, 
it is aptly named 'Judas' Cross Is A Heavy One'.  


As part of the Dorian Kyle Collection, I present to you

Friday, November 23, 2012

Perhaps it will remain nameless?

I always name my shoots accordingly. This one never got
a name, so I just named it 'It Doesn't Have A Name... Yet'.
Seems though it just might remain nameless?

This shoot is also a personal goal mark for me. I have been
exercising and shedding a bit of weight and this shoot
marks the first time I felt truly comfortable baring my stomach.

Here's to achieving your goals!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is Movember: Robin Hood & The 14 Whores

Just cos I have no Mo, don't mean I can't celebrate it, right? LOL. 
Since 2011, I have made an effort at raising awareness of testicular cancer
in the form of Movember. With every shoot I do, I try my best to bring
something fresh and new to the table. Last year I did Movember and it turned
out amazing. Here's a recap of that post:

This year, I decided to shift the emphasis of what Movember symbolises
for me, and focus specifically on testicular cancer amongst gay men. 

I give you 'Robin Hood & The 14 Whores':

All of these photos have been posted with the caption 'He stole from the rich, and gave
to his 14 whores.'

We are All Born Superstars

This following shoot was inspired by quite a number of things.
One, by the realisation of potential Lady Gaga has instilled in us
by making us aware that really, we were born this way.

Then, a dear friend of mine and 'happiness' soul mate posted 
a very fabulous photo and thought it something I would do.
This photo is the most obvious of all 3 inspirations:

Lastly, Mariah Carey's latest song, Triumphant was a big lyrical inspiration
as well. '... stay triumphant, reach for the stars!"

I give you, 'We Are All Born Superstars'

The Bounty Hunty

I have found that some photoshoots are better left for later. 
When I do photoshoots, I either love or loath the final product. But
many times so, I'd go back, revisit shoots I do no like, and find tremenduous
potential and beauty in them.

So when I do find shoots like these where I loath the final product, I shelve it
for one day. Such a day has arrived. I present to you, the Bounty Hunty!


Its been quite a while! I apologise for not updating, as my
laptop was out of reach for the past month. Sharing the laptop
between me and my mom has proven to be exceptionally difficult for 
me, so I had very little time to update my blog. And updating a blog
does not just take a few minutes. This is my baby, and I would like 
to sit down, and have time to nurture it. 

I'm getting a laptop of my own in the next month or so, so updates
will become more regular again. So watch this space.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monochromatic Bow Tie-ity? LOL

I have no idea what that even means, haha. But here is
my new bow tie I am especially proud of. This was
intended for a day at work (we agreed to wear black
and white, almost like a Michael Jackson concert).
I don't have no white clothes so i made a bowtie instead.
I do say, it turned out so good, I had to take a few photos
before I was off to work :D

My latest Tattoos

With addition to the star and 'faith' writing on my
upper left arm, the 'love' writing on my right hand wrist
and the birds on my chest, I got inked some more. 
An infinity circle with my best friends and my initials, 
a velveteen rabbit and more writing on my chest.