Thursday, August 26, 2010

fresh start?

the apricot tree blossomed again this year, and although
it all looks the same each and every year, every time
i'm amazed by its beauty.

a thorny retreat :D

it is very scarces that i take photos with flash and i like it.
it just doesn't happen much at all.

woof woof woof :D

we don't get along much, lol, but she does look lovely :D

orange oranges :D

Monday, August 23, 2010


more photos going up tomorrow afternoon! :D
keep smiling :D

fairies and angels: fairies

part 2, the fairies :D

thoughtful fairy:
cute fairy:

shy fairy:

sweet fairy:

fairies and angels: angels

going through OLD artwork and came across this. I was heavily into
angels and fairies at the time. even named each art piece individualy :D

cosmic angel:

thunder angel:

gossip angel:

fallen angel:
carnival angel:

Forever Young

doing both versions. made a "Forever Young" single cover
in 2008, and wanted decided to do a 2010 version. This is the Rod
Stewart version, not Jay Z's? lol



Kallie's Demo Cover Designs

Did some designs for my friend Kallie for a demo album he was working
on in 2009. Never materialized at the time because his attention was thrown
into another direction, but i had so much fun making the covers.
i love it when i make art and the creations come so easily :D

Sinful fun :D part 2

silly fun :D try it out, really fun :D


cos its all you have going for you when times are tough