Saturday, December 15, 2012

work in progress

I am currently working on a head piece that I had in
mind for a while, first it had Indian head gear as inspiration, 
and then I found this photo and bam! I knew this what the piece
I wanted to interpret. 

Maxwell Oscar

This is my cousin's son, Maxwell. beautiful kid, always beams 
sunshine and laughter. Adorable

Morticio's Game

I played with the idea of buying another wig for my photoshoots. 
When I bought this wig, the first thought was how similiar
the wig looks to the hairstyle Rihanna sported in Diamonds
music video. 

As part of the Dorian Kyle Collection, I give you Morticio's Game...

Judas & His Cross

Took the stars from my previous shoot We're All Born Superstars and
turn it on fabric instead, creating a cross. A hopeful cross. Therefor, 
it is aptly named 'Judas' Cross Is A Heavy One'.  


As part of the Dorian Kyle Collection, I present to you