Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monochromatic Bow Tie-ity? LOL

I have no idea what that even means, haha. But here is
my new bow tie I am especially proud of. This was
intended for a day at work (we agreed to wear black
and white, almost like a Michael Jackson concert).
I don't have no white clothes so i made a bowtie instead.
I do say, it turned out so good, I had to take a few photos
before I was off to work :D

My latest Tattoos

With addition to the star and 'faith' writing on my
upper left arm, the 'love' writing on my right hand wrist
and the birds on my chest, I got inked some more. 
An infinity circle with my best friends and my initials, 
a velveteen rabbit and more writing on my chest.

Sashay, Away

One of those shoots where you just don't quite get
what you envisioned...

New Inspiration: Kazaky 'Last Night'

I have mad respect for these boys
in heels. They bring such passion and
imagination to the table whenever they do
a music video. Truly inspiring. 

Kazaky 'Last Night'

Also, they will be releasing their first LP soon, entitled 
'The Hills Chronicles'. Here is the album cover and
supposed tracklisting:

Saturday, October 13, 2012