Monday, August 31, 2009

In The Eyes Of The Beholder...

I've recently done a photoshoot that i consider
risky. Risky in the sense that I have never done
this kind of photoshoot. Nudity.

I think one thing about being a sucessful photographer, you'd
need to be able to break moulds, think and snap outside of the
box. I'm still getting there, with these photos being the first step.

These photos I've taken, are the first
of many to come; I'm quite pleased with how it developed, although
the concept and the results are of opposite poles.

That said, I will not upload these photos just yet. As I said, risky. :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garden Photography Part II

Part 2 of Garden Photography...
All these 'subjects' were found around
my house.

Again, I find it so amazing how 'junk' can
make such beautiful photography...

Childhood Innocence...

Childhood Innocence


Christina Goliath

An adult 'orphan'.
Was my subject for the African Day competition.
Didn't win anything, but I got recognition, as my photographs
were put on canvas at the exhibition.

Was absolutely a thrilling experience seeing the photos up on the
wall, so huge...

When I showed Christina the photos, all she could do was laugh... She didn't
recognise herself...

Apricot Tree Blossoms

had these bloom since yesterday. Not really artisticly shot,
more of a i wanna show off my tree got blossoms :D

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hoodia. A natural plant used for weight loss and medicinal
purposes. Grown with thorns, these shown in the photos were offcuts
as they are peeled before eating it.

These photos were taken at my Grandfathers house,
he's in the market of producing and distributing Hoodia.

Garden Photography

photos taken around my house. amazing how the most simplest
of things can make such an amazing photograph...

more to come...

Franco Mostert Photography

Hi there!

I'm an amateur photographer, having fun.
My photos don't have a theme yet, since I'm not
that experienced to be choosing themes, but at the
moment I'm really into nature...

This blog will detail my 'adventure', and i will post
most of my photograps up on here...

Hope you like it...