Monday, August 26, 2013

Peacock Allsorts

I don't have much to say more than what I mentioned
in my preview post. This shoot was a difficult one for me
in terms of finding a solid grip on a theme, but I am quite
pleased with the photos so at least it wasn't for nothing.

The first part of the shoot is what was originally inspired
by the peacock feathers. The shirt however did not
seem to work with me, but against, and I soon got rid of it...

As a result, Allsorts part of the shoot came about:

Saturday, August 24, 2013

[Preview] The Next Photoshoot "Peacock Allsorts"

The next photoshoot is brought to you
by the colours blue & purple, as well as peacock

Had a creative block of sorts with this shoot, as
I found no solid theme to base this shoot on, 
no inspiration to draw from, hence the name
Allsorts, as you will find in the shoot. 

Check back tomorrow for the full shoot ;D

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Count Drag-U-La

As I was finishing up with the shoot "Silence Must Be Heard",
taking off the make up and removing my corset, I got this brilliant
idea to use the corset as a head piece instead, and instantly
knew what my next photo shoot would be. 

A few days later I find the advert for 2013's Durban Fashion Fair
in the Grazia Magazine, and I shrieked! This is exactly what I had in
mind concerning the corset as a head piece!! I felt a strange combo
of tingling excitement & also somewhat of an envious sting that my
'idea' wasn't all that original to me anymore. But none the less, I soldiered
on and made the concept my own. 

I do plan on drawing more inspiration from the advert, and I've realized
it's normal, and possibly even healthy to feel envious when it comes
to my creativity as it stimulates new ideas & keeps me on my toes.

I am very proud of how it came out, so I give you 'Count Drag-U-La':

Saturday, August 17, 2013

[Preview] The Next Photoshoot "Count Drag-U-La"

The next photo shoot coming your way on Sunday
is brought to you by the colours Blue & Green:

& some indirect inspiration from the 2013 Durban Fashion Fair advert:

Be sure to check back this Sunday for the story behind the
story, as well as the complete photo shoot ;D

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silence Must Be Heard

This shoot is a very important one for me. 
I detest oppression. When your freedom
of expression & right to love has been 
taken away.

This shoot is not just a visual interpretation
of what Russia's anti-gay rules mean to me,
but this shoot also depicts my every day
 life, the stigma gay people are faced with
every day; the struggles we face.

I give you, 'Silence Must Be Heard':

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Progress: You Thrill Me

This shoot was inspired by many elements, but for now, we
will go with one of the main reasons, Progress. This is actually
one of the rarest photo shoots, because all of my shoots happen
in the afternoon. This shoot, as well as the next shoot coming soon, which
is a continuation of this shoot, as well as a sequel to Caution! Contents Are
On Fire!, happened in the morning. 

This shoot is also based on a previous shoot, hence the name Progress.
This shoot can be considered as an continuation of sort of the post, Diamonds. 
This all gives a little prelude to my creativity: that everything is

I give you, 'You Thrill Me' :

Saturday, August 10, 2013

[In Retrospect] I Just Killed My Boyfriend - The Complete Post

Seems I tended to skimp on the posting in the past,
only posting a few photos from a session when there
would be many good photos from that session. With 
that said, I give you the full shoot from I Just Killed My Boyfriend...

Also, in the photo shoot, you will be able to see the boxers
mentioned in the previous 'In Retrospect' post, 

[In Retrospect] Boxers In Manhattan

As always, I name my photoshoots according
to the inspiration I have drawn from them. This one
I am not too sure where my mind conjured this name
up, but I believe it stemmed from the shorts I had on at 
the time, although I do not think it is visible in the shoot.

This was taken in February 2011.