Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Was inspired to recreate this photo,
and was the perfect opportunity to both
tackle my make up skills and do a shoot cos
it has been ages! lol

The name came about really as I was doing the make up,
thinking, what would be the best way to describe this kind
of process... and Intergalactica was born:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

No Ways Tired x Sissy That Walk

This is the second installment of the shoot (which was shot
first) called No Ways Tired x Sissy That Walk.

In itself this is a two part shoot as well, hence the name. 
This shoot was done first primarily to prove to myself that
I can handle multitasking, creating two different looks from
one session. This particular installment is also an ode to when
Dorian Kyle was officially introduced.

Also note that because this shoot ties in with 
also features here. 

Here is No Ways Tired:

And here is Sissy That Walk:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Reimagining Of A Faerytale x Love Is Blind

Had a wonderful day of shoots. Probably not even noteworthy to
most, but it felt so awesome doing a wardrobe change in the same
style as musicians do during concerts, that rush of changing and getting
it right. For me, my audience was the sun, as I do not use any other
lighting for my #shotophoots; It was a mad rush to get dressed before
the sun set on me as I also I do not like to use flash photography (albeit it
is included in the shoot). 

This shoot, is in fact the second shoot of the day, but I wanted to post
this first as this was the first concept I came up with when I imagined
what I'd like my shoot to be. 

Enjoy ;D

Also make sure to check back on Sunday for the second installment 
called No Ways Tired x Sissy That Walk, which is an edgier, darker