Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spring 2012: Orange Blossoms

Soldier: Fame

When Lady Gaga's full commercial for Fame The Fragrance
was released, I was blown away by it all. Every single time
that woman amazes me with her creativity, her tenacity and

One thing that struck my fancy even more was that she also used
masks in the commercial. One particular, the mask that featured perforations
and emulating dripping wax. I had to make it my own. 

I often find that the
ideas that come to me in an instant, that I do not over think and over
analyse, turn out to be the best. This also plays on my previous post that using
a prop for what it's not intended for can bear more fruit than otherwise. 

   This is my take on the mask: - I give you Soldier of Fame

Garden Of Eden Part II

With the realisation that the mask of flowers as a facial
feature didn't quite work, and the impending doom of deeming
the whole photoshoot a failure, I improvised, hoping it would work.

Part II basically explores and explain the art of improv. Props are not
just designed for their purpose, and using it for only its purpose is really
a waste of creativity. I ended up using the flower mask as a neck piece, 
and the result was breath-taking. 

Garden Of Eden Part I

I've always been enamoured by masks. A lot of my
photoshoots reflect that: from conventional masks to 
using wire, sequins and even ribbon. I have always had an identity
I was trying to keep hidden, a personality so passionate
and raw that it crept out every so often. 

Masks always symbolised my own securities, and the
ones I lacked in; my fears and strengths all lied behind
which mask I had on. 

For this photoshoot, I went earthy. I used fresh-cut flowers
out of the garden and strung them together with wool, with the
intention of using it as a mask... Part I will preview the result of
using the mask as intended...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Instagram Figured lol

i finally figured how to upload the instagram photos. it automatically stores copies on my phone, and i recently downloaded the app for blogger. here goes

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Instagram Photos

I've recently decided to join Instagram (always felt
the need to, lol) and I've decided to use photos from
the blog as my canvas. So far I have been going at it
and already created 22 versions using Instagram. 
 Here a few I loved...

I haven't really figured Instagram out yet lol and by the looks of it
I cannot load the photos onto blog themselves. Until then, just follow
the links

Naive Defiance

Had to go through a few difficult things and I felt
down. I often find strength through music
and photography, and I had to get myself
back out of that rut. This is the result:
Naive Defiance [I may look weak,but I am as strong as ever; 
I may look innocent, but I have my strategies.]

Mes beaux chats

Fluffy, fun, adorable and loving.


I couldn't believe it when I heard it the first time. My
whole skin got goosebumps and it felt surreal. Very 
few songs have had the power to give me goosebumps. 
Some Nights, is that exception.

Impromptu Invitation

Felt like a vintage Adam Lambert. Giggles