Thursday, June 27, 2013

Steam Punk Realness Part III - The Queen Reigns

I give you the 3rd Episode in the last installment of the
Gender-Fuck movement, Steam Punk Queen.

[In Retrospect] Poise

This is another photoshoot done back in 2008, December this time.
I remember doing this photoshoot for my boyfriend at the time, 
Elrican, who is still a dear friend of mine.
Enjoy ;D  

[In Retrospect] Kissing Heaven

Going through the shoots involving the corsets, 
I thought back to the first shoot I did with a corset on. 
Or rather, with corset on the outside. I had been wearing
this corset under my clothes for shoots before I 
figured I could wear it on the outside as well, I mean, 
why the heck not. 

 You can find the whole shoot here 'Kissing Heaven'

Ever since I promised myself I'd save up and buy me
a proper one, pushed it to the back of my mind, and all
came rushing back when I found a photo of one my favourite
porn stars in a corset. All I could think of was how I'd make
that photo my own.

Here is the photo that inspired it all

Steam Punk Realness Part II - Princess

This is Episode II in the third installment of the 
corset photoshoots, called Princess.

I decided to divide the shoot into 3 different episodes
in order to create a visual growth between each
episode, shedding more layers with each one; With
episode III, or Queen, stands triumphant as the real 
behind the aesthetics. 

This 3-part episode shoot is also part of the gender-fuck
movement I have been experimenting with, as with
the previous two shoots. There will undoubtedly be more
'gender-fuck' influenced shoots in the future, but these
will serve as thematics to the movement. 

Steam Punk Realness Part I - Novice

This is the 3rd installment of the corset shoot, 
which follows the shoots "Here's To Getting (UN)tucked"

This shoot in itself is broken up in 3 episodes,which
are called Steam Punk Novice, Steam Punk 
Princess & Steam Punk Queen.

I give you Episode I, Steam Punk Novice:


Sunday, June 23, 2013