Friday, November 25, 2011

Marrying The Night...

 When you marry the night, you always dance in the dark. 
This photoshoot takes inspiration from Bjork's photoshoot for
Biophilia, and is taken to honour Shelley Hilliard, and all victims
of gender-based violence & crimes. 


Because if you believe it works, and if you believe in yourself that it'll work, 
sure enough, it'll work...

Cookies! giggles

Been baking the shit out of myself lately. I cannot explain it, been so inspired
by baking lately. I have always enjoys cooking, but baking has always been somewhat
of a foreign language because you can't just mix together like in cooking. But I've been disciplining myself
and the fruits of it taste delicious! hehe

This is spicey-cookies, will cardamom, cinnamon, and mixed spices. Delicious :D
Mom said it reminded her of Christmas as a child.


Little joys of life...

How can life not be beautiful when it's filled with such innocent and sweet treasures? 
I have no idea what kind of lillies they are, some call them tiger lillies, but I'm not so sure as there's another lily that looks completely different bearing that name. so can I call it cheetah lily? hahaha
 I don't know what this flower's name is either. My eldest brother bought a bouquet for my mom and i picked out the flowers (opportunistic tendancies, i guess? haha). It's just so beautiful!

Trial & Error: Medu-Philia

I recently downloaded tons of Bjork photoshoots, and two shoots that really struck a cord with
me was that of the Medulla & Biophilia album cover shoots. I began with such enthusiasm that it actually 
frightened me. This shoot was trial and error for me, and although not the best shoot I ever did, this did inspire my future shoots, 'Placebo' & 'Marrying The Night' which will be posted soon. 

SNOR-key, giggles

I am finally finding myself and finding causes 
that are near to my heart. I never cared much for testicular cancer before, but now I am
so much more aware of who I am, what my social responsibilities are as an adult. 

I would like to consider myself as an activist. Not sure what for yet. Perhaps Human Activist sounds accurate? Here's my shoot for Movemeber, also currently this month's banner :D

Friday, November 18, 2011

Marry The Night: The Prelude Pathétique

"It's not that I have been dishonest, it's just that I loath reality."

This is why i love Gaga. she gives voice to the in betweens, she recognised that there's colour between black and white, and fills that in. She gives voice to the speechless. 

We found love...

... in the most of hopeless places, there's even yellow diamonds in the sky.

Charred Halo

Because not everything is black and white. I believe that there's more than just evil or good, most people say you can't be both. Im here to prove them wrong!

Symphonic Silence

When all else has been said, silence will help a photo speak volumes...