Sunday, May 26, 2013

(He is a) Hoodlum

Here's the photoshoot from
the current banner & background.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Another little note

As you may have noticed, no photos. 
As I finished that little post I unpacked my camera only
to realise the camera's battery is still in its charger,
which is all too nicely stayed behind Namibia.

I've enquired about a generic battery and it is pricey!
But I need to get one asap. Will keep you guys posted ;D

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just a little note on my demographic wherabouts

Hey guys! So I am officially on holiday
and as I am typing this, I am in Cape Town! YAY!

Wanted to let you know that blogging will resume, 
as I want the updates to have a real feel to them, 
and not wait 3 weeks for photos to go up. This of course
will be the first time I could do this as I have my laptop 
with me so I can share my photos in real time. 

Watch this space for some awesome Cape Town
& Port Elizabeth realness! ;D

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flour To The Power

I was quite shocked going though my posts
to realise one of my photoshoots I did in November 2012
either never got posted, or it got deleted by accident.

So here is Flour To The Power, which is in fact a 
sequel to a previous photoshoot, called

Perhaps this year, I will try incorporating
water as well ;D. Enjoy

Friday, May 17, 2013

[In Retrospect] Black

Here is another photoshoot taken in 2008, this one
shot in July. You will notice that back then, my wall was
green, and this part in reason why these two shoots
are named according to the colour shirt I had on. This
of course changes as I get into my shoots, with more elaborate

This was an advert I did for Avon's Essence for men. I was in
love with the fragrance at the time, and I believe this was my
first fragrance I owned that I bought myself.

This was a drawing a friend of mine at the time drew
for me, as I was intrigued by how he would interpret my

So excited! Kazaky's got a new album coming out!!

One of my all time favourite acts of this century, 
and one of the biggest inspirations in my life both
as an artist and every day, I am extremely excited
to hear Kazaky will be dropping their new album, 
titled 'I Like It', in June. 

Here is the album cover ;D

While you wait for the album to drop, here's a look
at 'Stadium', which uses the opening track 'Symphony No. 404'
from their debut album, "The Hills Chronicles",

[In Retrospect] Blue

This is part of the shoots taken back in 2008, 
this one in August. Even now, this is one of
my pivotal photoshoots, this is one those shoots
that changed my perspective bout what my possibilities
are and what I can achieve through photography...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

[In Retrospect] Something from way back

This was shot in 2008, and at that time, I never 
considered naming my shoot, because at that
time, it was just me having a go infront of the camera
oblivious that it might just become a passion for me.

This was also a stepping stone for me, as I was taught
that day about the importance of setting up your background 
and filtering thereof. I was only 21 after all hehe


Purple Electric Avenue ;D

One of my babes, those photoshoots where I completely
get caught up in the moment, take thousands of photos
and love almost each and every one of them hehe. 

Here is Purple Electric Avenue: