Friday, July 6, 2012

In honour of McQueen: Savage Beauty - Post Apocalyptic Love

Drew inspiration from his collection Savage Beauty, in particular
this ensemble.  

I give you my version of Savage Beauty: Post Apocalyptic Love:


Been very inspired lately by the life lived and life lost of the great
late Alexander McQueen. I am amazed by his boundless creativity
and all that he could achieve with fabric. I did two photoshoots in
his honour, one to honour himself, called Long Live McQueen, 
and the second one to honour his collection, Savage Beauty. 

Here is Long Live McQueen:

Coming out and its pride

This was the campaign for Oreo and Pride. I modified it slightly from one date, to a whole year. 

This is Frank Ocean's coming out letter. Much rather see it as a poem, it is written 
with such character, ease and pain. 

And this is what my friend Riaan have to say about coming out...

Strangeness In Charm

My last days as a blond. Blonds do have more fun, but it's 
always short lived, lol

Excédent Noir

Something mystical, something dark evolves from when I do
photoshoots with make up on...