Sunday, September 21, 2014

Paradise Part I, Thunderstorm

Had internet problems all week long, so this shoot comes
to you a little bit late, but here it is, a 2-part installment shoot
that features a little something different for me ;D

Here is Part I, thunderstorm...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Previously Unreleased] Panda

Did a #shotophoot back in August 2013 that I felt
disappointed in, although I kept it, I felt it was not
worth sharing as it did not embody any of the creative
vision and result I anticipated for it. As with all shoots, 
I usually go through my old work and try and see if there
has been any I may have judged too harshly on or perhaps
have changed my creative perception about. 

This shoot still does not resonate what I had in mind or embodies
what I felt should represent me as a photographer or alter ego Dorian Kyle.
But nonetheless, I felt it should however get a chance to see the daylight, and I
realised I have improved in my make up skills since then, so that attempt was
my "win some/lose some" attitude and I haven't done a retrospect post in ages. 

This shoot was inspired by this picture:

And this is the outcome/result:

Friday, September 12, 2014


Was trying to decide between doing a fun shoot or a more
glamorous one, and realised I could do both. Much like the
Grace Towers, Mathu Andersen & Conchita Wurst of my time, 
this shoot was a representation of my love, appreciation & 
passion for gender bending. 

Here is Burt, as in Reynolds, hehe...

This is also a continuation/ sequel of the 2013 shoot 'Is Sexy Borat'.
I have more ideas regarding facial hair so be on the look out
for more shoots in the future ;D

Perfumes: Avon's Scent Essence range in Sparkly Citrus

For more information on the notes and it's main accords, visit

Perfumes: Davidoff - Adventure

Had this shoot for a while now, and figured it needs to get out there.

For more information on the fragrance, 
its full notes & main accords, visit fragrantica.