Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Story Of My Life

Bought this Mickey Mouse shirt about a week ago, 
but haven't had a chance for a photoshoot until yesterday.
Really wanted to go in with the monochrome theme, 
and did my face accordingly. 

Must say, I did myself proud.
Clock this face Adam Lambert ;D

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Leopard On The Prounce

This is part two of the shoot, where the leopard print
is represented more figuratively with the face mask. 

Leopard On The Prowl

Been exceptionally inspired by leopard prints as of lates,
the first spots of evidence which can be seen at the post
Kissing The Flame.

This post will be a two part post, the first part being a literal
interpretation of a leopard...

Saturday, June 7, 2014


One of the reasons I did very little shoots during the month
of May was my trip to Northern Namibia, in a villiage near Oshikuku called 
Okathitu konkayi, very near to the Angolian border. 

For the past 15 or so years, I have always dedicated any of my
holidays going to South Africa, and I felt I needed to change that. 
Travel more, see more, explore more. This was the result of that 
that decision, which I call My African Adventure.

It was a cultural shock, to say the least. I felt prepared, but it was something
completely different. You rely on your body to get you where you want to go;
you quite literally work for your food.  

Take a look:

Mahangu, which is cultivated to make porridge, a staple food in the Ovambo culture.

Prota with a basket of Mahangu 

There was no electricity, but trust MTC to provide network ;D 


Passage way inside the village

Passage way inside the village

Kalabash cultivated. They are used for drinking out of

Kalabashes are dried and emptied, and a whole is made on the side.
Makes for an easy scoop of water

A hut on the Eastern side of the village. Not sure what was inside
it as it was camped off completely.

Mahangu as it grows in the fields

Mahangu as it grows in the fields. This variant is used to make the drink

Some of the villagers 
Me & Kennedy.
My friend Josef (orange shirt) with his brother, who's also
named Josef?
On our way to a nearby village. When I said nearby, it's 5km in total ;D

The family we visited in the village nearby. When they said they would
dish up pig, I didn't expect half of it's teeth would be involved as well ;D

Cows graze freely & openly. 

Mahangu ready to be dried out

Mahangu ready to be dried out

The Mahangu variant used to make the drink Oshikundu

The Mahangu variant used to make the drink Oshikundu

Marula Tree. A huge, massive tree 

Erastus & me in Oshikuku on my way back to Oshikati

A Boboab tree. Josef & Erastus walking infront of me.

Efukwa nuts. Highly addictive stuff right here. One does not stop eating!lol

Monday, June 2, 2014


I had time on my hands one night and decided to do some highlighting
& contouring as practise for #shotophoots, and came up with the name
of the shoot then (especially while in process of photo number 2). 

This in turn inspired this shoot:
It is also noteworthy that there was no foundation used for neither set
of photos, and it is all highlighting & contouring;
 the tan colour of my face is from actual tanning (as
seen in the first picture which seems like i'm wearing a neckpiece lol)