Friday, May 6, 2016


This was a pretty emotional shoot for me to do. Was
going through a rough patch and finally got to listen
to Troye Sivan's album Blue Neighbourhood. This made
every emotion I felt exemplified and I needed it out. 

I struggled with this shoot, because may of the shots were so
hard to take due to the amount of emotion showing that I couldn't
include them...

Troye's single Wild plays a huge role in the shoot, along with
Too long till I drown in your handsToo long since I've been a fool Never knew loving could hurt this good, ohAnd it drives me wildBend and break But I can't turn awayYou're driving me wild You make my heart shake

We're speeding through red lights into paradise
'Cause we've no time for getting old
Mortal bodies, timeless souls
Cross your fingers, here we go... 

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